Stopping Badgers Eating Your Profits!

Matt Laxton’s review of TB Buster

We’re smallholders with just a few sheep and cattle. We lost one of our first two cows to TB – the only possible source was a lick bucket, because she came from a TB-free herd and didn’t come into contact with any other cattle. After a bit of research we discovered bucket stands, and initially tried the Rumenco stand which was available from our local agricultural merchants. This didn’t work out for us because our cows are Dexters and weren’t tall enough to reach the bucket. TB Busters stand is not only low enough for our cows to reach, but also much more stable and easy to install and use, with no need to fill with sand or water. Our small herd is now certified TB free, all thanks to this stand!

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The Award winning TB Buster badger proof mineral bucket stand

  • Stops badgers eating your mineral, saving you hundreds of pounds per year!
  • Can reduce your mineral bucket costs by up to 20% per year
  • The only stand that can be easily moved by hand
  • Screws into the ground so it cannot be pushed over by badgers or cattle
  • Can fit any size or shape mineral bucket from 15-35kg
  • Farm tested and recommended by the South West TB Farm Advisory Service
  • Featured on the TB Hub website.
  • Also featured in the NFU farm bio-security.  See the NFU TB Free England video Badger Proofing Farms

Successfully scientifically tested by The Royal Agricultural University of Cirencester.

Throughout the duration of the three month trial, badgers were found to be unable to access the mineral lick holder held by the TB Buster, whereas badgers regularly accessed a conventional mineral lick bucket. Additionally, the trial established that once secured, the TB Buster can withhold substantial interaction from cattle, including cattle leaning against the stand and using it as a scratching post.Dr Rhiannon Fisher, project leader and lecturer in Rural Land Use and Management at the RAU, said “This was a very interesting study and provides evidence of an effective measure that can be used by farmers to reduce contact between badgers and cattle on grazing land.”

The Badger Proof Bucket Stand: only £150 (+VAT)

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